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14107 Belmont Rd., Belmont, ON


Most Monday & Tuesdays 9am - 7pm


Call or email to book in Belmont.



Please be aware that message and data rates may apply for text messages sent and received; be aware of charges through your carrier for this service.

Privacy Policy - please do not send any personal information via text, only basic contact information of email, phone number and availability is needed to set up an initial appointment.

Video sessions are via the Owl Counselling platform.  Video sessions allow the client and the counsellor the opportunity for eye contact and facial cues in communication.  Many clients love the convenience of not having to leave home for their counselling sessions. 


In person counselling sessions are offered with a few options as there are times when treatment is more effective with a face to face meeting, or if there are barriers to virtual sessions.


In Person

If you are struggling day to day with general life issues and lack of motivation, drive, and ambition I would like to connect with you.  If you feel you have symptoms of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and/or difficulty managing your emotions we can work together to identify the issues that are bothering you and work together to set goals and make a plan to achieve them.  I like to take the approach of looking forward to make changes in life rather than dwelling too long on the past.  If this suits you, send me a message!

I do take auto insurance clients, and am registered on HCAI.


Telephone counselling allows you the ability to relax in your own space while talking with your counsellor.  Many people enjoy curling up on the couch with a cup of tea, sit out on their patio, or go for a drive to sit in a quiet place to talk.  It can seem uncomfortable prior to meeting, but most clients find it very easy to relax and talk once they get started.


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